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・When is your business hours? 

 Except Hong Kong's public holidays, we're open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 ~ 17:30.

・How to join Japanese Chamber? 

 Please read through "Membership" page & download the application form. 

 After completion, please send it to For further details, please contact us through "Inquiry". 

・What are the differences between Main Members and Associate Members?

 Simply say, main members are "Japanese companies in Hong Kong."

 Associate members are "Non-Japanese companies", such as Hong Kong Companies, Foreign origin companies, and Japanese companies that has no BR in HK.


・Can I access to "Existing Member" page? What's my ID and Pwd?

 The page is only for existing members of HKJCCI.

 Log-in ID and password is provided only after you become our member. 

・We are already a member. How can we make an amend for any changes of our registered information / stuff / belonging committees?

 Please let us know of the changes by email:

 For addition/delete of your stuff, please include his/her name in Jp/Cn characters & alphabet, email address, and direct phone# if any. 

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